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How To Format A Dissertation In APA Format

APA dissertation format is one of the most applicable writing formats and here you will find the best APA dissertation writing structure which will help you writing your dissertation in APA format with simple steps.

The students have to take care of each and every point with minute details when they are dealing with APA dissertation writing format which even includes the margins, spacing, pagination, etc.

Set Up For Margins, Space Between The Lines, Font & Headers

Margin, spacing, and headers are set in the first place when you open a word a document file on your computer.

• Margins
As soon as you open a word file on your computer to write your paper, you need to determine the page margins of all sides. The margins are equal on all sides up to one inch except the left side. You have to leave a half inch extra margin so as to cover the binding area.

• Line Spacing
The second thing to set is the line spacing and it has to be double-spaced with at least 28 pt.

• Font
The text font is supposed to have the following format;
o Font size is to be at 12 point.
o Font style is to be Times Roman or Courier.

• Page Header
In the page header, you have to include the left-justified running head considered of 50 characters at most. In addition, the page numbers are also included with right side alignment.

• Title Page
The title page is consisted of one page only carrying the title of the dissertation, aim of the paper, name of the college or university, and date and year of submission.

The title is supposed to be of no more than 12 words and it is centered aligned, but it may exceed if it is inevitable.

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• Abstract
The next is the section of abstract which is a synopsis of the whole paper. You must keep in mind that every new section and chapter starts form a new page. So you just leave the rest of the page blank and go for a new page after finishing every section or chapter.

Write the heading as “Abstract” in the very first line and keep it center aligned while the text is double spaced. The abstract is of 250 to 300 words only as it shows the highlights of the complete work. The abstract can be written in the beginning of the paper as well as after finishing the whole work, but it is always placed in the beginning.

• Introduction
As soon as you end the abstract with hard page break, you enter the chapter of introduction.

Like the previous heading of abstract, you do not have to write the heading as “Introduction” here. Instead, you are supposed to write the title of the paper in upper and lower case. From the very next line, you can begin writing the text of the introduction

o Indention In The Paragraphs

Every paragraph should start with the indention in the very first line and it goes on for the whole paper.

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• Citation
Citation is one of the most critical parts in the academic paper writing, therefore, the students have to pay utmost attention to this aspect. The citation is required to clarify the source from where you received the information so it can obvious that you did not intend to steal the credit of it.

When we talk about the citation, there is in-text citation which is mentioned in the body text of the paper in brief like name of the author and the year of publication while at the end of the paper you present the detailed reference.

o In-Text Citation (for mentioning idea in your own words)

In APA format, you have to use the author-date technique for the in-text citation. It means that you open bracket and write the author’s last name, add a comma and write the year of publication and close the bracket. It will look like in the following manner.

(ABC, 2013)

o In-Text Citation (for direct quotation)

In case of direct quotation, you have to take the account of the author, publication year and the page number.

Before the direct quote, you have to write the author's last name with a signal phrase and write the year in parenthesis, add a comma, write the quotation and after finishing the quote, write page number in parenthesis as (p. 33). It will look like in the following way;

According to ABA (2013), …………….. (p. 33)

• Headings

The headings play an important role in guiding the readers to know what areas are of main interest and which ones play a subordinate role in the text.

In APA format, the headings are distributed in five levels which are explained below.

o Level 1 heading

It is most used heading and most of the students normally do not go for other levels. Level 1 heading is center aligned using bolding and title case.

o Example Of All Five Level Headings

Level One Heading

Level Two Heading

Level three heading. Research content writing research content writing research content writing

Level four heading. Research content writing research content writing research content writing

Level five heading. Research content writing research content writing research content writing

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