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The students have a lot of questions in their minds when they plan to get professional assistance online and they make queries on our online chat and via email support. In order to provide quick help to the students with different question in minds, we have compiled all the questions here in this section of Frequently Asked Questions.

• Question No. 1) Are you offering

academic help for only master’s level dissertation papers


Answer No. 1) The simple answer is ‘No”. In fact, we are offering writing and research help to the students of the entire level of academics such as graduate, undergraduate, masters and PhD. Our skilled writers are very well experienced, so they can deal with any level and you can place your order for any level of academic writing task with no hesitation at all.

Get your academic papers written for any standard of education.

• Question No. 2) What is the range of your offered academic writing services?

Answer No. 2) We are an academic research and writing company with comprehensive writing solutions, so we do not limit ourselves to one particular type writing. Our writing services includes the educational papers such as term papers, research papers, dissertations, thesis, essays, book report, movie report, coursework writing, resume and CVs, article reviews, proofreading and editing. So you contact us for any of the above mentioned types of writing as well as any other type of writing.

Place an order now for any type of academic papers.

• Question No. 3) What is the qualification standard of your team of writers?

Answer No. 3) As we assure you to provide high quality papers, it is impossible for us to compromise over the qualification selection criterion of the writers. Therefore, we hire the writers with, at least, masters qualification along with experience of a few years. In addition, we also employ a specialist PhD writer to have a check and balance for the assurance of high quality.

Having a specialist writer in every academic discipline enables us to dedicate a writer with particular subject specialisation for your academic paper writing.

Place your order now to get well written academic papers by specialist writers.

• Question No. 4) Can I get in touch with the writer directly?

Answer No. 4) Yes, you can get in touch with the writer directly via email. In fact, we support the idea to directly have the communication with the writer as it eases the whole process for the writer as well as our customer support representatives. Direct communication with the writer saves a great deal of time as the writer can easily get your specifications and implement them quickly in your papers.

Buy custom dissertation papers

and get it corrected right on time by directly communicating with the writer.

• Question No. 5) What is the procedure of conducting the research work?

Answer No. 5) Research is the soul of writing and a wrongly conducted research only brings disasters and we do not charge our customers to put them in trouble in any way. Therefore, we follow the best procedure of research and use only the authority research resources so that we can be a helpful hand for our clients. In order to do so, we have online as well as offline access to best libraries in the world and our writers utilise these resources to write the best quality papers.

Place your order for a high quality research work online.

• Question No. 6) Do you accept payment in installments?

Answer No. 6) It is our aim to help the students in their troubled time and you can see many evidences of our helpful intention on this website in free offers, price and discount structure. We know that paying for a big order is quite difficult for the students and even sometimes they skip the idea of hiring professional writers online, but we encourage such and other students to take a positive step in this regard by offering the installment option.

If you are restricted by your financial means, you can share it with our customer support representatives and let them know how much you can pay in each installment in how many days and our support representatives will make an installment payment schedule as per your convenience.

Be ready to order right now and make payment in installments.

• Question No. 7) Do you deal with all types of citation styles?

Answer No. 7) Yes, we certainly deal with all sorts of citation styles as our academic writers are highly experienced in custom writing field and have written papers using all citation styles. So you just need to mention what citation style you need as APA, Oxford, MLA, Chicago or any other one.

So feel free to select any citation style and place your order with relaxed mind.

• Question No. 8) Do you offer

proofread and editing services


Answer No. 8) We are a complete academic solution and we prove it by offering services for all types standards and papers along with proofreading and editing services. Our academic editors work in quality assurance department and they check each and every paper with great care in order to fulfill our promise of delivering extremely high quality work. So you can place your order for proofreading and editing as well.

It is time to give your papers a quality touch, so place your proofreading and editing order now.

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